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The Kingdom Of Thailand:

Thailand is country located in Indochinese peninsula. It has an ancient history as there are evidence of human existence about 40,000 years ago. Thailand has never been colonised which is uncommon for Asian countries. However, the country has a lot of influence of the western. Thailand was used as a route for Japanese forces during II World War to get to the Malayan frontier. Thailand declared war against the United States in 1942. The country went through military dictatorship for about 5 decades. For most of 1980’s the country adopted democracy. The historical gallery of Thailand witness its great history. The National anthem of Thailand is extremely patriotic, the first line of which say Thailand is a unity of Thai flesh and blood.  Thailand is the second largest economy of Southeast Asia. Two third of the GDP is from exports.

Capital of the country:

In the 19th century, the capital of the country was declared as Bangkok. As a result foreign trade became the focus of the government. Chinese men started coming to the country for trade and some settled in there, some of them hold high positions in the country. From mid 19th century the western traders were allowed to participate in the trade activities.The country has become very popular recently due to Bangkok. There are a lot of activities in Bangkok to keep any tourist fully engaged. There are many beautiful temples. The golden Buddha, the famous Buddhist temple “Wat Arun” , “Wat Pho” university, The Emerald Buddha – it is claimed that the statue is carved from a single Jade stone.

Siam park city, grand palace, Jim Thompson house are some of the other places one should not miss visiting. It is said that “Bangkok never sleeps” due to the activities that are lined up. Bangkok Night Bike tour is one of the well-known activities, a bike tour after dark across the city, this will help you see a different side of the city. The river cruise, the elephant ride in Khao yai national park are some of the other attractions.

Where to stay in Bangkok:

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Economical Accommodation options:

While there are many options in Bangkok for accommodation, if you are a group who would like to explore the place, the highly recommended accommodation option for you is the hostel in Bangkok; you can enjoy individual rooms with attached bathroom or you stay as a group together have fun in a 6 bed equipped room. You get to taste authentic Thai food. The rooms are well equipped with old and modern equipment with a feeling of rustic old town lifestyle and sophisticated modern comforts.
Enjoy your stay, save money and indulge in Thai culture.