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The Kingdom Of Thailand:

Thailand is country located in Indochinese peninsula. It has an ancient history as there are evidence of human existence about 40,000 years ago. Thailand has never been colonised which is uncommon for Asian countries. However, the country has a lot of influence of the western. Thailand was used as a route for Japanese forces during II World War to get to the Malayan frontier. Thailand declared war against the United States in 1942. The country went through military dictatorship for about 5 decades. For most of 1980’s the country adopted democracy. The historical gallery of Thailand witness its great history. The National anthem of Thailand is extremely patriotic, the first line of which say Thailand is a unity of Thai flesh and blood.  Thailand is the second largest economy of Southeast Asia. Two third of the GDP is from exports.

Capital of the country:

In the 19th century, the capital of the country was declared as Bangkok. As a result foreign trade became the focus of the government. Chinese men started coming to the country for trade and some settled in there, some of them hold high positions in the country. From mid 19th century the western traders were allowed to participate in the trade activities.The country has become very popular recently due to Bangkok. There are a lot of activities in Bangkok to keep any tourist fully engaged. There are many beautiful temples. The golden Buddha, the famous Buddhist temple “Wat Arun” , “Wat Pho” university, The Emerald Buddha – it is claimed that the statue is carved from a single Jade stone.

Siam park city, grand palace, Jim Thompson house are some of the other places one should not miss visiting. It is said that “Bangkok never sleeps” due to the activities that are lined up. Bangkok Night Bike tour is one of the well-known activities, a bike tour after dark across the city, this will help you see a different side of the city. The river cruise, the elephant ride in Khao yai national park are some of the other attractions.

Where to stay in Bangkok:

If you are a business person with high calibre and would like to have business conferences and entertain your colleagues or partners in style, then there are many siam hostel at Chao Hostel as per your budget, depending on your requirement. They are of high quality, high hospitality and high services.

Economical Accommodation options:

While there are many options in Bangkok for accommodation, if you are a group who would like to explore the place, the highly recommended accommodation option for you is the hostel in Bangkok; you can enjoy individual rooms with attached bathroom or you stay as a group together have fun in a 6 bed equipped room. You get to taste authentic Thai food. The rooms are well equipped with old and modern equipment with a feeling of rustic old town lifestyle and sophisticated modern comforts.
Enjoy your stay, save money and indulge in Thai culture.

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Last Minute Holiday Planning

If you’ve ever suddenly just wanted to go on a holiday, then the time limit you have to prepare is very little. Once you manage to get off your feet and start the planning, you’ll realize there are a lot of processes and forms you need to complete and fill. The first step you need to do is make sure your passport is valid, and if so, you need to move as fast as you can and do the bookings. If you already have a place I mind, it’s so much the better but if not, then you will have to do that part first. Listed below are a few aspects of the planning you should do and think of to make it easy on everyone.

Your budget

Firstly you need to get to prepare a budget and this budget is what will help decide where you are going and the seafood you’ll be staying at. Depending on how much you have saved up, or how much you’re willing to spend you need to lay the budget accordingly. You will have to include each and every element into your budget, from your accommodation to the other activities you want to try out.

Time duration

The next aspect is the amount of time you want to be away, and this depends on your work or study schedule. Make sure you make a few calls and let them know of your absence and have everything figured out during your absence so that you do not return to chaos. The time duration is also important when preparing your budget, so decide on this early on. This will also matter when you make your bookings, along with the arrival and departure dates.


The first aspect you need sorted out after you pick your destination is the accommodation you’ll be at when you get there. All you will need is an internet search to figure out where the luxury hotel in phuket are at, and you can make your booking online as well. However, it’s vital that you confirm the bookings right before you leave so that you will not be left stranded!


Finally, after you are done with the main aspects, such as the bookings, you need to get to packing. Once the main responsibilities are out of your way you can look up the exciting experiences you can have and the tours you can go on at the destination you are about to holiday in! These are the few steps you need to take when you’re about to go on holiday!

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Tips For Renovating Your Apartment / Condo

 Are you planning on renovating your apartment or condo? Here are some expert tips from interior decorators, apartment and condo owners on how they renovate their home’s to get the perfect look! Give your home it’s much needed makeover now!

Set a budget

The first and foremost step to renovating your apartment or condo is to set a budget. Set a budget on how much you have totally to spend. Then break it down into what jobs need to be done. Some jobs may require higher amounts than others so the best thing is to prioritize the spending’s. That is know which job is more important and allocate the money for that particular task. Knowing ahead of time, what the jobs are and how much you will be spending is actually very beneficial since you will be able to control your finances and be prepared for the spending’s.

Set a theme

Whether it is a rent apartment pattaya or a residential one, you need to set a theme for your entire apartment or condo. Make sure the entire apartment and condo is in line with one another. First set a theme colour and incorporate the colours in all parts of the apartment. Since, usually apartments and condos are smaller in size it is best to use white and lighter colours to give the apartment or condo a spacious look.


The furniture of the apartment should also match its theme colours. There are also now space saving furniture pieces that are especially beneficial to smaller condos and apartments. These furniture’s are two in ones like the sofa bed. Which means it has two purposes in this case it is a sofa + a bed. If you have got the apartment/ condo for long term rental then it would be very wise to buy customized furniture to fit in that particular apartment or condo perfectly!

Get professional help

Some things are best left to professionals. So if you feel that the renovation process is too over whelming to you, you can always get professional advice. Professionals are able to do a great job and it would be worth the money. Since you would otherwise need to be making changes if you make the wrong decisions and sometimes renovating can be very tricky and difficult! Professionals will also be able to make the maximum use of space and give your apartment a total makeover. You browse through the internet and see for yourself how much change a little professional help can make when it comes to renovating a home!


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Traveling To Different Countries And The Benefits

We live in a beautiful world. We live in a world where more than seven billion people live in, every single person different from one another. We live in world with gorgeous countries with different cultures and colorful people. The one who has seen all this beauty and has met countless beautiful people is truly a lucky person. We all want to see the world. We’re all curious about other countries, about other cultures and about different people. The best thing is that we can visit all those countries and experience the new cultures, the ancient history and gorgeous views ourselves. We have the freedom to visit any country we want and see the way other nationalities live. We can make friends from all over the world.

New Experiences

However, most people don’t even like thinking about traveling because of the cost. Traveling to another country is especially expensive and you have to think about places to stay, learn about different laws, take vaccines for overseas travel and find people to look after your house. It might seem like a lot of work. However, the experience of traveling to a new place is an amazing experience you can’t even imagine. This world is a big place full of amazing places. The town or city you live in is just one small place compared to the massive size of the earth. If you live your whole life in that country, you would never be able to see the Great Pyramids, the Amazon, the Taj mahal, rivers longer than small countries, mountains that reach the sky and amazing creations of the human. You will die after living your whole seeing the same places every day.

The Process

As fun as traveling is, it requires a lot of planning. But even planning a vacation is a fun experience. You have to start with research. You have to decide on places to visit and activities to do. You have to decide on a place to stay and transportation and you have to think about medical preparations. Say, you want to travel to Peru, then you have to take the travel vaccinations before traveling to South America for your own safety and health. Most importantly, you have to consider your budget.

Less Stress

Now that we know why and how to travel, let’s talk about how it can benefit you. Vacations is a great stress relief. Meeting new people and relaxing will keep you smiling. Being able to see amazing creations of the man and the nature will keep you happy. If you’re someone who has never felt like you belong somewhere, traveling to different countries might help you find your home. Traveling is a fun way to live your life to the fullest. So, start saving.

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